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In 1962 Rene PERRIER, the founder of PERRIER, developed his first rotary machine for the Source Arcens. It was a mechanical bottle agitator which accomplished bottle inversion using a unique handling system that featured mechanical bottle grippers. Even though the machine was developed for the homogenization of lemonade, it became apparent that the unique bottle-handling ability could also be deployed in the Champagne process. The machines for the automation of the Champagne process became an immediate success and to this day the Champagne industry is one of our major markets.

The market move toward non-returnable glass and plastic bottles in the mid 60's presented PERRIER with the opportunity to design a new generation of high-speed cleaning machines that used the PERRIER neck- handling technology and developed a unique cleaning machine that answered the industry’s needs. The machine is credited with being the pioneer for the machine type and became the de facto “gold standard” for the market segment. PERRIER became the leading source for high-speed effective bottle- rinsing thanks to technically progressive design and exceptional build quality.

The PERRIER Company was founded on innovation and the ability to listen to our customers. We continue to work very hard to develop new solutions that address the changing needs of our customers worldwide. Now led by Mr. Philippe PERRIER, the company is true to its roots and continues to listen to its customers; this enables PERRIER to evolve its products and product lines to serve its customers best. We are very fortunate to have World Class customers who are dedicated to excellence and recognize PERRIER's efforts to support them in their quest.

Over the years PERRIER branched out to other machine types, leveraging the experience and the technical “know how” obtained in designing rinsers. Currently, PERRIER is also a major supplier of fillers, machines for classic method sparkling wines and other machines for various applications. PERRIER continues to be known for innovation and superior build quality.

Rene Perrier
Rene Perrier

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